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Turning Water into Wine

Some call it the new oil. Others say it is so pure that it must never have a price tag. Fresh water is both the planet's most elemental liquid and an ever more gourmet treat. Jonathan Franklin travels to the frozen ice fields of Patagonia as he investigates the world’s dwindling supply of pure water.

Photographs by Morten Andersen

"Without a doubt," says Ian Szydlowski. "Water is the next oil." Szydlowski sits back, his Gortex jacket squeaking and smiles as he describes the business plan for Waters of Patagonia his new company. Szydlowski, a 34 year old Chilean entrepreneur, smiles slowly as if he is going to tell me a secret. “This! This is water the way it was meant to be,” he pours Crevasse Glacier Water into my wine glass. “The Arabs call it Halal, that’s H-A-L-A-L, and it means never touched by human hands...

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