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Why us?

We go to the front lines of adrenaline adventurs. Whether on patrol with commandos in Colombia or camping with hitmen in Venezuela we explore exciting worlds while providing investigative analysis and world class photography. Our access and investigative skills bring your audience along for the ride.
Repeatedly over the past 7 years we have uncovered international stories that have been published worldwide on thousands of webpages. As a coordinated photographer and reporter team, we provide text and photos woven together. When appropriate we also provide a brief video of our stories, professionally edited and ready for the web or TV.
What we offer?

Do you need a feature length article for your magazine? A brief video for the webpage? The production and access support for an hour long documentary. Our acess and connections range from going inside prisons to coordinating multiple helicopter trips with the Colombian military. With US cable channel A&E we embedded a team inside the Kidnapping Unit of the Sao Paulo Police Department. For six weeks, they lived and filmed the wild world of kidnapping in Brazil. In Texas we worked closely with US Homeland Security to fly aboard a plane filled with prisoners all chained and locked up tight. That flight was like the movie ConAir with a single distinction -- this was not a movie.
Our Clients

Worldwide we produce features for approximately 180 magazines, ranging from worldwide brands like GQ, Esquire and Marie Claire to individual titles like Semana in Portugal and Rogue in the Phillipines. For TV and documentary productions, we work both behind the camera and in front of it. Both Jonathan and Morten have experience filming documentaries, providing access to front row action and convincing characters to go online.
Travel stories that we work on include exciting ski adventures to city guides for National Geographic and in flight magazines. When Japan Airlines wanted a story about the world's craziest golf course, we took their readers to the Atacama Desert and introduced to them "Desert Golf".
Given the huge interest in short videos for the web, our stories are increasingly accompanied by a highly professional 3 minute video. With attention to audio and editing, these videos have been distributed worldwide on sites like
Our stories and programs focus on stories that the whole world wants to hear. These are global stories for a huge international audience.
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